Chicago Dog Parks

Find lists of Chicago dog parks here, here,  here, and here. By neighborhood:

North Wrigleyville: Challenger Park (Kelly Park?). 1101 W. Iriving Park Rd. This seems to be a small patch of grass or two to the east of the cemetery. Not enclosed.

Bucktown: Churchill Field Park. 1825 N. Damen, south east side of park. Enclosed.

South Loop: Coliseum Park. 1466 S. Wabash. Small run on west side of park is enclosed.

Roscoe Village: Hamlin Park. 3035 N. Hoyne. South side of park enclosed.

Wicker Park: Walsh Playground Park. 1722 N. Ashland. Enclosed dog run on north side of park, enter from Marshfield Ave.

Wicker Park: Wicker Park. 1425 N. Damen. Enclosed dog run at south east corner of the park.

West Loop: West Loop Dog Park. 148 S. Sangamon. Enclosed concrete section for dogs along Sangamon St.

There are also dog areas at several beaches: Belmont, Montrose (at Wilson) and Foster.

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